Facial lipoinjection :

    In this operation by help of Small canula , small amount of fat is aspirated from lower of abdomen or thigh , and after  being  processed  is injected into face.

Includings are Temporal , Eyebrows , Cheeks , Baccal area , Nasolobial (Laughing folds) ,below Eyes (tear folds ) , Upper lip , Lower lip and Lower Jaw .

It has a long life perment result , But due to some degree of fat resorption in some people , a second small procedure may become needed.

 To see the lipoinjection pictures please click here.



Lifting Surgery :

This operation is for Rejuvenation of Face and is categorized into Upper , Middle and Lower Face Lift..

Upper Face Lift is done to elevate the Eyebrows , removing  Forehead wrinkles and Upper Lid puffiness . This is done in many ways . The best one is Endoscopic Forehead Lift which has the best result and least scars.

Mid Face Lift is a procedure to decrease the nasolobial folds , shaping the cheeks and making lower eye area look better . Also to be done Endoscopic or open .

Lower Face Lift is helpful to make the neck and Jaw Lines look younger , which is done by open surgery with incisions around Ear.

 To see the lift Surgery  pictures please click here.





Iranian Sociaty Of Otolaryngology,Head And Neck Surgery

Iranian Rhinologic Society



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